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Carpet Dry Cleaning

We also offer Dry carpet cleaning in Scunthorpe & Isle of Axholme.

Using dry organic powders we can clean you carpet with out any moisture, ready to be used straight away.

This works great on all wool carpets, nylon carpets, polypropylene carpets all synthetic & natural carpet.

Take a look at what option we can offer please feel free to call us on Scunthorpe 01724 784187

Carpet Dry Cleaning

 Whats the benefits of carpet dry cleaning

  • Zero drying times ready to use instantly
  • Great for moisture sensitive areas were water or steam isn't a option
  • Furniture can be replaced straight away
  • Carpets can be walked on while we are working & straight after
  • Domestic & Commercial use
  • We Can clean small areas of your carpet 
  • Will not effect any stain guard or fire proofing
  • NO colour bleed from sensitive fibres
  •  Will no damage your carpets 
  • Can be used daily weekly monthly & yearly

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

An Other Option to dry cleaning is Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning this can be used on carpet that our a little more soiled were dry cleaning would struggle.
This works by using specialist pads that absorb the dirt & encapsulating cleaning solution that dry & hold the soiling 

Not only can this be a stand alone clean which works great on commercial carpet. We can use this system to complement the dry cleaning adding the benefits of a deeper clean but adding a zero drying time

Truckmouted Carpet Cleaning

Truck mounted carpet cleaning is the  most powerful carpet  cleaning system available.

This is ideal for carpets that haven't been cleaned for a while, After let cleaning or general clean.

Using a  fuel engine our truck mount can recover more water than any  electric machine.

We can produce bacteria killing steamy hot water from cold. We supply the water & dispose of it.

No need for electric, only our hoses & wand needs to enter you property. 

Meaning no carpet cleaning machine in the house.

Will expel the vacuumed air outside & not back into you property for better air quality & less moisture